Why is the Philippines a Popular Medical Education Destination for Indian Students?

The Philippines is a popular destination among students and travelers looking for a low-cost, exotic location to call home. The Philippines is known for its friendly, English-speaking locals, excellent weather, breathtaking scenery, and low cost of living. Filipinos are extremely courteous towards others. They are trained to be kind from the moment they are born. 

Philippines Geography


You can grab a car or uber but buses are the best option for travel across long distances. However, the jeepney is the most cost-effective mode of transportation in major cities like Manila, Cebu. The cost is 4 Pesos for the first 3 kilometres and 1 peso for each additional kilometre. The charge for a taxi is 25 Pesos for the first 500 metres. 20 Pesos for every additional kilometre.


The Philippines is a tropical country. The Climate of the country can be divided into two major seasons based on temperature and rainfall.

The Rainy Season June to November
The Dry Season December to May

The dry season is separated into two parts- the cool dry season, which runs from December to February, according to the locals however the temperature only very rarely drops below 25 degrees Celsius. The hot dry season runs from March to May. Overall the climate is perfect for vacation and long hours of the sun make this a dream destination. 


While moving to the new location, food is one of the utmost factors which affect the most. When it comes to the Philippines, one will get its traditional taste. Because of the country’s pioneering culture, a portion of local food and a blend of local flavors add a touch of authenticity.

Cost of Living

Generally, people spend more money on food, and every country follows the same pattern. The Philippines is less expensive as compared to other countries and it also has some great cooking approaches. You can live here comfortably with a smaller budget too if you wish to. The cost of living for any place is highly dependent on your living style.

Rent is, without a doubt, the next most significant expense. The cost of living in the Philippines is very low as compared to other countries, depending on where you live in the city. Be it transportation or food, monthly utilities, or house rent, the Philippines is not that expensive. 

Cities in the Philippines have a plethora of cinemas and other leisure activities. A movie ticket will set you back with a nominal amount. Sports and fitness are more expensive in other countries wherein it is not expensive in the Philippines. A gym or fitness club membership will set you back with around 1,000 Pesos. 


Because of its pioneering history and contacts with various cultures- Spanish, American, Chinese, and Japanese- as a result, it has contrasting behavior and qualities. People who are familiar with any of these cultures will be amused by the similarities they have in their daily lives.

The Philippines is always a welcoming country, people over there love to have a good time with new people. This includes social events in the country. The annual calendar is indeed packed with a lot of festivals on it, many of which include costumes and rituals in it. 

Education Quality

In the Philippines, numerous top-ranked universities compete with some of the world’s most renowned international colleges. The Philippines is well-known for its medical profession. MBBS in the Philippines is one of the best options for students wishing to study abroad.

We hope that now you have clarity about the Philippines and what it has to offer. As mentioned the Country has a low cost of living, different culture, and high-class education. Most students who study here come with a mountain of positive reviews about the education system. These are the couple of reasons which make the Philippines the best place to study abroad.

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