These are exciting time; most of you who are seeking to study medicine will be reading this article. I understand that you would have read many articles about study in Philippines before you see this article. This article will show real time student life, after study option and facility during study period.

In recent years there are lots of Indian students who wish to study medicine in Philippines. The reasons are very simple; either they couldn’t afford the fee or donation which private institution in India ask or they are looking for better quality education then the medical college in India where they are getting the admission.

So now there is no other option for Indian student other than studying somewhere under their affordable budget. The parents will get so many questions in their mind before they send their child many miles away from home.

Ok now if you are satisfied with the above steps, then move on to the admission process. There are many universities in the Philippines. The facilities and quality of education may vary from university to university; what makes one university better than others is the teaching methodology, the studying environment, and the student support system developed by that university.

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There is a legal procedure to obtain a Philippines student visa, involving certain documentation. Philippines embassy is located in Delhi, India. Generally, students do not have to appear for a visa interviews.

At this stage students will be under enormous pressure. The student mind will have so many things like new place, new friends etc.

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Please ask the students to keep the above-said points in mind.

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Ok now you have made your mind after landing in Philippines. The students have just left school, so they will be thinking of about how they are taught in India.

Some students will be surprised by the way teachers teach in Philippines University. But this is the same way of teaching in almost all of the universities abroad like UK, USA or any other western country. The students have to put more effort to know much detail about the subject. The first year is always a difficult time for student, as they have to get adapted to this kind. Things will be good after second year.

Not all Universities of the Philippines offer Hostel facilities for their students. So, you may have University provided accommodation facility or an accommodation facility arranged by your consultant on a private basis.

The student will get a basic facilities like electricity, water, toilet, etc. Students have to adjust with the roommate with whom they stay.

Be prepared, you are not at home, where your loving mom is cooking food for four or five members of your family, keeping in mind your taste and preferences. It is hostel mess. Food is prepared for about 300+ students at a time. You would be served healthy food, but don’t expect too much with food variety.