Angeles University Foundation Fee Structure 2020-21

About Cost of Education & Food & Accommodation:

Refund Policy:

100% Refund Policy for the Payments done to MENTOR KNOWLEDGE MGT. PVT. LTD. for the process of Admission and Visa in a Foreign Medical University:

In India, the MBBS Admission process is very complicated and long. Even till the last moment, the student is not sure if they will get a Medical seat in India or not.

In order to attract academically good students, and to provide them a fair chance to get a Medical Seat admission in India, we have the following refund policy for them.

The student who appoints MENTOR for Medical Admission in Abroad, but gets an MBBS admission in India, they will get the refund of 100% of the Payment, they have made to MENTOR, for Admission & Visa purpose.

For a refund, the following conditions need to be fulfilled:

If all the above three conditions are fulfilled, MENTOR refunds the 100% of the charges collected in India. No Matter, if we have done any actual expenses for your process, still, you will get your 100% Money back.

The above refund policy applies, unconditionally to all candidates, taken admission in a foreign Medical University through MENTOR, and later in the same intake got MBBS admission in any India based recognized Medical College. The said Admission can be on the basis of Merit or Management Quota and either you get MBBS admission in India in any Government Medical College, Semi-Government Medical College, Non-aided Medical college, Privately Owned Medical College or a Deemed Medical University of India.

MBBS Admission through MENTOR is much easier than you think.

WHY Angeles University Foundation (AUF) is the first choice among sincere and career-oriented students: