Welcome To AUF University

Angeles University Foundation, a non-stock, non-profit educational institution, was established on May 25, 1962 by Mr. Agustin P. Angeles, Dr. Barbara Y. Angeles, and family. In less than nine years, the Institution was granted University status on April 16, 1971 by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports.

AUF is a world-class higher education institution committed to excellence in instruction, research and community service. It is the premier university in the region and among the list of medical Universities and medical colleges of Philippines, Angeles University Foundation is among the best universities in the Philippines. It has among the highest percentages of faculty with graduate degrees in the Philippines. These qualifications are the foundation for its quality instruction and research, evidenced by:

AUF is among the Top Ten Medical Universities of Philippines, with AUF graduates have the highest weighted average passing rate in government administered licensure examinations in the region, and among the highest passing rates in the country. AUF offers relevant academic programs responsive to the demands of the local and global markets. This quality education is accessible to ALL — a philosophy institutionalized through various scholarships and grants. AUF has a sizeable foreign student population, with enrollees from India, China, Korea, and the United States, among others.

Mission Statement

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The School of Medicine is committed to promoting quality and relevant medical education, thereby producing quality and compassionate medical practitioners with a social conscience, dedicated to the service of God and humanity.

Philosophy and goals

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Medical education in the Philippines continues to be charged with being so hospital-oriented that it has failed to produce physicians who are responsive to the needs of the country. Instead, its products, being tailor-made for practice in the developed countries, easily leave the country. Moreover, the cost of medical education has become so prohibitive that admission to medical school is almost limited to the elite.

The Angeles University Foundation established the medical school, which is university-based, community-oriented, and committed to developing broadly educated physicians.

The School of Medicine has the following objectives:

With the School of Medicine, the College of Nursing, the College of Allied Medical Professions, and the Medical Library as the constituent units, the AUF Medical Center, which is education, service, and research-oriented, aims to:

About University Hospitals & Clinical Rotation arrangements:

AUF offers best in class Clinical training for the medical students in the Philippines in the following FIVE hospitals, exclusively available for AUF students:

Specializations available:

*Complete Cardiovascular Care Unit * Hearing Care Unit * Center for Anatomy Pathology & Laboratory *Medicine Center for Diagnostic Imaging * Sports, Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine Center * Eye & Lasic Surgery * Department of Internal Medicine * Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology * Department of Pediatrics